• F-532B1M F-532B1M
    F-532B1M 10”Ring Ling
    with 50cm Stand & Microphone

    Pipe Quantity: 2
    Power: About 7w
    Min Height: 38cm
    Max Height: 50cm
    Material: Iron pipe
    Light Diameter: 10 inch
    Storage Height: 35.5cm
    Product: LED Ring Light 
    Thread: 1/4 universal thread
    Power Supply: USB powered
    Color Tones:Warm, Mix, Cold

  • F-539B F-539B
    12inch  High-quality LED Ring Light 
    With 170cm Floor  Stand

    Size:30* 200cm
    Brightness:10 levels
    Power interface:USB
    LED beads qty:96 pcs
    Bracket height:170cm
    Thread:1/4 universal thread
    Power supply mode:DC 5V 2A

  • F-531C1 F-531C1
    F-531C1 10 inch 26cm Ring Light with 
    160cm stand

    Pipe QTY:3
    Min height:56cm
    Material:Iron pipe
    Max height:160cm
    storage height:56cm
    Product:LED ring light
    Light diameter:10 inch
    Thread:1/4 universal thread
    Power supply:USB powered
    Color tones:Cold light, mix light, warm light

  • F-539A F-539A

    F-539A 12inch Touch Dimming LED Ring Light

    with Desktop Stand

    Color:black/ white
    Single Weight:485g
    Light Beads QTY:96pcs
    Imput Voltage:DC 5V USB
    Power Mode:USB powered
    Lifetime of Lamp Beads:2 years
    Color Temperature:3300-6000k
    External/Internal Diameter:30cm/26cm

  • F-532F1 F-532F1
    F-532F1 LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand for YouTube Video and Makeup

    Model: F-532F1
    Product : 10 inch ring light
    Voltage : 5v
    Power : 8-10w
    Weight : 0.6kg
    Beads QTY : 120
    Wire Length : 2m
    Inside Circle Size : 20cm
    Charge Power : DC 5V 2A
    Outside Circle Size : 26cm
    Power Supply :  USB supply
    Color Rendering Index : 85ra
    Thread : 1/4 universal thread
    Color Temperature : 3000-6500k
    Color Tones : warm light/ mix light/cold light

  • LQ-190 LQ-190
    LQ-190 Macro lens+ring light

    Battery Capacity:100mAh
    Standby Time:One month
    Charge Voltage:DC 5V+0.5
    Beads QTY:53 LED light beads
    L ens Parameter:15X Macro Lens
    Illumination:26- 28 lumens 550.ux
    Product :Macro Flash Fill Light Lens Kit
    Battery Life:30 min for max brightness/ 100 min for min brightness
    Color Temperature:Warm Light: 2800K/Warm+Cold Light: 4000K/Cold 
                                      Light: 6500K

  • LIEQI Smartphone Lenses LIEQI Smartphone Lenses

    Smartphone Lenses Manufacturer

  • F-515 F-515
    Introductory phone camera lens
    2 in 1 phone camera lens set
  • F-516 F-516
    Amazon hot sale
    3 in 1 lens kit
  • F-528 F-528

    Top Selling 4 in 1 Phone Camera Lens

    Wide Angle+Macro +Filling+Mirror

  • LQ-001B LQ-001B
    Customized Gifts 3 in 1 Phone Lenses
  • LQ-185 LQ-185

    185°Fish Eye+0.6X Wide Angle+15X Macro+Star lens +CPL